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WTOS – Paul

Well the fourth episode was published last month, featuring my old boss Paul Bright. I went down to NY for this one and spent an afternoon with Paul as he joked around his shop, took me for a Canadian lunch and sat down in his home for an interview. When talking about his shop, the future plans he has envisioned, what led him to where he is now, Paul becomes a very serious man. Always concerned with money, but never seeming to let that interfere with his decisions, to me Paul is a constant risk taker, a positive trait for a business owner even if it is stress inducing. Paul’s love for furniture I believe sprouts from the stories that belong to each piece, he is always quick to talk about the studio environment of the designer, the social dilemmas they faced, the history of the design. Perhaps Paul sees a a shop filled with stories rather then old furniture and art.  It is my pleasure to take you into his world, I hope you learn something new.

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