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WTOS – Celia

Third episode is out and up! Please take a look.

I got to work with another close friend for this third installment, Celia. I met her in my first year at Concordia and we managed to be in the same photo class every subsequent year.  It is a pleasure to watch someones work grow with them right from the first day of undergrad. Before leaving Toronto to film Celia at her opening in Quebec city and then again at her studio in Montreal, I was concerned that our history would get in the way of the interview process. Some times knowing someone so well can make things more of a challenge then expected. As we sat in one of my favorite fields (adjacent to her studio) and I bombarded her with questions, Celia continuously impressed me with the strength and depth of her responses. I think a common misjudgment placed on artists is perhaps the level of commitment they put into creating their work.  Research, development, trials, failures, all of these are few of the many aspects a professional artist must participate in order to create.  Being an artist is a career path and some of us are crazy enough to do it.

On a side note, feed back on the series is always welcome! Some times it feels as if I am sending out this work to a black hole.

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