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WTOS with Alexis

My solo project, We Tell Ourselves Stories turned into a two person show during the production of last months episode. With his hands on a second camera, Alexis and I worked together to film dance artist Amanda Acorn. Please take a look at our handy work here.


May in Montreal

Lanie came with me/ walking and bixi rides/Celia’s place to call home. The CCA sculpture gardern, just a jump over the wall/Habitat 67 sightings/ fois gras overload. Welcome home Simon/des crêpes/ family breakfast. Sending Alexis off to Cannes/ Delima. Celia’s Show at WWII/ Mile End finds. Carsten Nicolaiin in the basement of the MAC/ Happy … Continue reading

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Last Year in Florida

    This was part of my Christmas gift/thank you to my Mother for taking me to The Keys last February. I had just purchased the Lumix GF1 and was ready to take it out for a test drive. I’m pretty happy with the video quality for a camera I can keep in my pocket, … Continue reading

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WTOS – Paul

Well the fourth episode was published last month, featuring my old boss Paul Bright. I went down to NY for this one and spent an afternoon with Paul as he joked around his shop, took me for a Canadian lunch and sat down in his home for an interview. When talking about his shop, the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Walt and I

Well the holidays are over and it is a new year, thank God! It always feels so good to put another year to rest. The transition from 11 to 12 was minute almost as if it did not happen, but it is important to distinguish the small change and reflect on the year past. I’m … Continue reading


October in Brooklyn

I spent last week in New York. The initial purpose of the trip was to spend some quality time with a few close friends who live in Brooklyn and to film the next episode of my series (WTOS). The week before leaving I got some terrible news. My friends ex-husband was ridding his bike  home in Brooklyn after a … Continue reading


WTOS – Celia

Third episode is out and up! Please take a look. I got to work with another close friend for this third installment, Celia. I met her in my first year at Concordia and we managed to be in the same photo class every subsequent year.  It is a pleasure to watch someones work grow with … Continue reading


WTOS – Alex Durlak

Proud to announce the second episode of We Tell Ourselves Stories featuring my brother Alex Durlak. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is one of the hardest working people I know. The source of his happiness comes from the mass amount of work that he accomplishes daily. Alex is one of … Continue reading


Quebec City For Celia

Celia had her first big solo show and there was no way I could miss it (and not get it all on video!) So I hopped on a plane to Quebec city with all my gear and last minute installation supplies for some of the 5o odd images to be presented at Vu Photo. The … Continue reading


We Tell Ourselves Stories

About a year ago I got this idea, it had been building up in my head slowly over time. About three months ago I realized it was about time to make it happen, no more just talking about it! I have put together (with help from some amazing people) a web series. It is a … Continue reading


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